2020 – 4’30


Une plongée intime dans les différents
quartiers de New York City
et dans l’enfance des membres du groupe Get Open.
Un hommage vibrant au hip hop !


Adrien Harent, Ra & Asan Sow

Image Lionel T. Djaowe
Montage Nicolas MILTEAU
Etalonnage Regis Oyer
Musique GET OPEN


International Music Vidéo Awards de Londres 2021 / Prix du meilleur clip video Hip Hop

Noble international film festival de Bengalore en Inde

Hip Hop Film Festival NYC

Lift-Off Global Network organisé par Pinewood Studios à Londres/ Hollywood online sessions

Hiphopcinefest.org de ROME 2021 / Prix du MEILLEUR CLIP HIP HOP

Festival international FILM IN FOCUS – BUCAREST / Prix du MEILLEUR CLIP

Hip hop film festival – Best Music video – SEATTLE

The Paus premieres festival – LONDRES

Short Film and Moving Image – Xposure International Photography Festival – CHARJAH (Emirats Arabes Unis)


Music Video Awards – MUNICH


Siba Giba
Cause where I’m from they always got your back L.E.S. The foundation. New York where you at. NYC, nineteen eighty, infested with crack Street cats taught me well, had to adapt  Love and respect, did we forget that in 2020, my vision, always to give back Put in the time, grind, to refine your craft  Capital, top of the line, like paragraph. Ladi Dadi was the first page Lost the french accent at an early age Kids makin’ fun of me, hoods kept sonnin’ me.  Wanna keep my lunch money, shorty had to find the key. Music & Hip-Hop, they changed my life Mom & Pops gave me the light, Huh Push to create, educate, to elevate The mind set, money well spent.

Chorus (Von)
Where I’m From The red, white and blue wave The guns or the drug trade A home that the streets made Where I’m From The red, white and blue wave The guns or the drug trade A home that the streets made

I’m in the pocket like the paper fold Making money on the manifold, stay gold  Grow old but remain bold, I been told Kung fu grip, tight hold, ice cold It’s like a battle field. Firearms body shieldsI f you call it how you see it then you know the deal From the Boogie, in the city where it all jumps  Spray cans, handstand to a base thump Hard rocks, b boys on a beat box  There I am. Born and bred. Love and hip hop F–k em all. It’s your ball and your word here  Front street get too hot for you to stand there Ain’t that a bitch….at the door and never play fair All they talk about is bullshit and fanfare  From what I hear, where you live got all the same shit, until you getting out  That’s why we don’t quit 


Uptown sugar hill, 45th and riverside  Sunny days in Harlem nights Afro picks and black pride  Light skinned nappy hair black boy with chinky eyes  Called me yellow Picking fights, told me that I talked white That’s all right I know what’s right, Home life was mad tight   Loving fam had a plan Raise a boy into a man Beef with pops beef with cops But not for selling crack rocks Got locked five times,Good kid – Hard times Couldn’t cry I Turned to rhymes Air it out loud and proud  I don’t fight I always win, Know the outcome going in Lead with heart not my chin Add it up and make a blend Balance out the yang and ying  Plant a seed and grow again