2020 – 5′


Suite aux mobilisations suscitées par la mort de George Floyd aux USA, le groupe New Yorkais Get Open à offert une carte blanche à Nicolas Milteau pour réaliser le clip du premier single « tale of te tape » issue de leur troisième album « Front and Center ».


Image / Montage Nicolas MILTEAU
Musique GET OPEN

« Le clip « Tale of the Tape » est un chef d’œuvre. »

Cultures urbaines


Outlook is dim, somber, MF Grimm Political climate, suffocating air is thin Tyrant at the helm, information overwhelm Looking for answers, checking at the stem Root of the problem, they been here for years Seen them before, they bring people to tears Eradicate the hate, wait, supremacy at stake, Fate Won’t wait, at the gate, enemy of the state Get up, Stand Up, C’mon throw your hands up Manifest & Man up, Marathon we Ran up The fix is on, rig is on, when they bring it on Pressure’s on, play it on with the Reggaeton

You see it in the tale dem taping Youth Dem haffe beat pon system. Look like they no want love children. Youth Dem haffe beat pon system. The look is worth a million Them only want destruction, total. You see it in the tale them taping. The Youth them haffe beat pon system.

Winter winds. Summer nights. Concrete, city lights… Open up the sights. Turning on the brights. Watch the people move. You can see the plight. If they talking loud, then they shit is hype. Seek sight. Walk high. Take flight. Youth must reach. Streets run tight. Love turn hate. Dark turn light. Nobody ever wins. Day turns night. Balancing the scales. Who can tell the tale? They spitting in the wind. Trying to fish a whale. Find ‘em on the sail. Heavy on the ale. Falling short of stats for another fail.


It’s like Zulus versus Vikings, Got Whites twerking Blacks hiking For real it Feels like the world just might end I’m tight might Over tighten Stripped nuts Twisted guts It’s a Battle zone, Game of thrones, Battle of titans it’s Surreal it’s so real, Con artist revealed We been Chumped, It’s the Art of the steal Government gang war, red vs blue, Crips vs Piru Hicks versus slicks, we all affixed to the politricks Reality crack, make america wack The right is wrong, When news is an opinion you choose Land of the free, home of the mental slaves, They say patriots Behave, but make waves Stand up be brave